Wednesday, August 20, 2008

De Paris Bridal Shop Worse Services

The above mentioned Bridal shop is De Paris which ppl never knew that they really giving very damn bad service after u paid deposit while u trying to choose Bride grown then they will show their real damn real face and their real service. However when u first be there to choose package they will give very good service say this and that very good but then that smile and good service will never again after deposit. This is the real information as one of the couple been there before. I think i going to tell u the story so that u will know what happen.

Story start :

- one of the couple whom they will get married this year(2008) had planned to take wedding photoshot at De Paris as one of them know the photoshop work nice and natural. At the beginning when they first be there to choose package the Bridal Shop(De Paris) was giving good serve on the couple. After Deposit, the Bride go for the Bridal Shop to choose the Gaun the Bridal Shop service girls(all fatty) keeps on pick their size gaun to the bride. The bride actually body not fat just only a bit big but just not fat since all the service girls at De Paris Bridal shop much more bigger than the Bride. They keeps on said to the bride the size is suit however after u tried on, according to the bride the bust part for the gaun both spread like ur breast both at corner side because they squeeze at the back. It looks like they not doing their job well and also those gaun they pick to give the bride try those sizes is their(De Paris Bridal Shop service girls) sizes which it truely can be call fatty. This makes the bride not happy and bad mood so that the bride just simply choose the gaun. The last thing i wanna tell is very important which this never happy to all Bridal Shop, that is one of the service girl have a voice to the bride before the bride left. Does anyone know what the service girl said?I don thing you can expect what she said to the bride. Now here is what the service girl said "u come back to try the gaun or not oh" with a very rude voice like ppl kill their husband.

So in this case on the above story i will suggest all the coming married couple pls DO NOT GO to De Paris Bridal Shop at Kota Kinabalu near the KK police station. I guarantee u will regret if you go there.

A true happen story happened on middle year of 2008.

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for KL also, i also facing the problem at there...